Added conspicuous international design prizes:


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Manufacturing Technology PrizeBusiness PrizeStudent Works PrizeReady-Made Prize
Cosmetic Products PrizeTextile PrizeHomeware PrizeAmerican Prize
Annual Awards PrizeDesigners PrizeConference PrizeManufacturing Machinery Prize
Italian PrizeGreatest Designers PrizeGreatest Design Works PrizeContests' Prize
DesignPrix PrizePerfect PrizeTop Designer PrizeProfessional Architect Prize
Best Landscape PrizeCreative Talents PrizeHuman Resources PrizeDesignprix Prize
Designprize PrizeOffice and Bureau PrizeSales Centers PrizeResidency Prize
Eyewear PrizeBusiness Strategy PrizeFinancial Instruments PrizeOutranking Prize
Architectural Projects PrizeTableware PrizeArt Events PrizeBlue Goods Prize
Dictionary PrizeTechnical Design PrizeInteraction Design PrizeDistrict Prize
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